• Match It

for Windows XP or newer

Match It is a colorful, 3D simulated matching program. It is made up of 20 different matching activities covering shapes, colors, objects, animals, food, letters and numbers. Each matching activity has 3 objects to be matched.

One at a time, the object to be matched moves back and forth across the top of the screen, pausing over one of the three objects for a pre-specified number of seconds. When the moving object is over the area where it belongs, the user should press the switch. If the user presses correctly, the object will move down to its match and stay there while a voice cheerfully says that it is correct. If the user presses the switch when it is over the incorrect match, the object will move down showing that it doesn't belong there and a voice will tell the user to try again. The object will then go back up and continue moving across the screen over the other objects.

This program is also appropriate for users who are blind or visually impaired by just matching the objects based totally on the program's auditory narration of the objects.

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Match It

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Tags: Judy Lynn Software