• In Sequence - Daily Living Skills

for Windows XP or newer

"In Sequence - Daily Living Skills" focuses on the cognitive skill of arranging pictures in a chronological sequence. The pictures are taken from video clips such as "Eating Cereal" or "Washing your Hands." The student is presented with the task of arranging the pictures in chronological order.

The student can use switches, a mouse, or touch screen to arrange the pictures. Program settings are saved individually for each student. Statistic are automatically gathered for tasks per student and can be viewed as a text file or in spreadsheet format.

Tasks included with the program:

Getting in a car and putting on a seatbelt, eating a banana, putting on a bandaid, brushing your teeth, eating cake, buying candy from a vending machine, eating cereal, making a cheese sandwich, sweeping the floor, putting on a coat, baking cookies, eating a hamburger, throwing out the garbage, buying gum, folding clothes after doing the laundry, numbers 1-10, opening a locked door, talking on the phone, eating potato chips, putting on sneakers, buying soda, stapling papers, making toast, using a vacuum cleaner, washing your hands, drinking from a water fountain.

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In Sequence - Daily Living Skills

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