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Bundle Contents:

Scan & Paint

  • This is a lively software program designed for students with a cognitive age level of approximately 1 year and up.
  • It introduces many different concepts while the student enjoys coloring pictures.
  • Scan & Paint comes with over 60 simple pictures and includes categories such as animals, food, holidays and color matching pictures.
  • There are also instrcutions on how to add your own pictures.

Match It

  • This is a colorful, 3D simulated matching program.
  • It is made up of 20 different matching activities covering shapes, colors, objects, animals, food, letters and numbers.
  • Each matching activity has 3 objects to be matched.
  • When the moving object is over the area where it belongs, the user should press the switch.
  • If the user presses correctly, the object will move down to its match and stay there while a voice cheerfully says that it is correct.

Cause & Effect Cinema

  • This is a simple cause & effect program that is age appropriate for older as well as younger populations.
  • 90 film clips covering 10 categories such as animals, musical instruments, vehicles, tools, sports, toys, appliances...
  • Each film clip lasts approximately 3 - 7 seconds.
  • When the switch is pressed the first time, the title of the clip is displayed in large letters on the top of the screen and a human voice announces the title.
  • When the switch is pressed the second time, the movie begins playing.

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Judy Lynn Learning For Teens Bundle

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