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Intro to Cause & Effect

  • This program is designed to introduce the user to the computer and the switch.
  • It is also designed to improve tracking ability of objects and increase the user's attention span.

    Look & Listen

  • This is a very basic cause & effect and visual tracking program.
  • When the mouse, switch or space bar is pressed, an object will move across the screen while cheerful and lively music is playing in the background.
  • Over 100 graphic objects included and over 35 different songs.

    Animated Toys II

  • This program is comprised of 26 segments, each containing a toy animated on the computer screen.
  • The toys are activated by the single press of a switch, mouse click, or the keyboard "enter" key.
  • The toys incorporate cause & effect skills, increasing attention span, visual tracking, and focusing on objects.

    Cause & Effect Amusement Park

  • This programs is made up of 16 lively activities with an amusement park theme.
  • The activities are errorless and no prior knowledge or understanding of any of the activities are needed.
  • Animation for a segment is intitated by a single switch, touch screen or step scanning with 2 switches.

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Beginner's Bundle

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