for Windows XP or newer

Match Maker + Quiz Creator is a robust program for creating matching activities and matching related quizzes. Match Maker + Quiz Creator also comes with many premade activities. Activities can be played in two different modes, "Game Mode" and "Quiz Mode".

In "Quiz Mode", there is a prompt and a set of buttons called responses, only one of which is the correct response. The prompt is the information on one of the buttons of a matching pair.

In "Game Mode", matching pairs appear on the screen. One button is randomly picked which is called the "Prompt". The student has to select the corresponding match. When all of the matching pairs are correctly matched, a new set appears.

In either mode, the student is presented with a prompt, one correct response button, and a number of incorrect response buttons. Though Match Maker + Quiz Creator comes with many premade activities, Match Maker + Quiz Creator also allows you to create your own activities.

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Match Maker plus Quiz Creator

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